The Team


The success of CUDT is a product of hard work, excellent coaching, and an unwavering team spirit. If you are interested in dancing with CUDT, or if you would like CUDT to perform at your event, contact the Team Captain, Kien Trinh, at

See how much our team means to our members

“My Cambridge experience would not have been the same without CUDT. Over my four years on the team, CUDT became my Cambridge family. Some of my closest, life long friends are the same people I shared sweaty practice halls with year after year. My overriding memories always involve laughter, despite practices full of two minute jives. During those dark dissertation hours being spun around a dance floor with my best friends was the only place I wanted to be.”

Sophie, CUDT Member 2009-2013, Vice-Captain 2012-2013

“I can’t imagine going through my time in Cambridge without having been part of the dance team. Thanks to the professional coaching team I was able to grow as a dancer. The group practice sessions have provided a fun and motivating way to prevent me from sitting at my desk. Being part of the winning team at every single competition I attended was a great feeling. But I am most thankful for the many good friends I found on team. Most of my happiest memories are connected to times I’ve spent with them.”

Max, CUDT Member 2011-2015, Vice-Captain 2014-2015

“One of the things I am proudest about CUDT is how, every year, someone from another university passes a comment about how good the Cambridge team spirit is. Dancesport is fun and sociable, but even amongst dance teams we are noteworthy for how much we support and are there for each other. CUDT has been the centrepoint of my time here at Cambridge, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Jolyon, CUDT Member since 2010, Captain 2014-2015

“You train with the best university, best coaches, and best teammates. Joining CUDT was the best decision of my Cambridge life – trust me, it will be yours too!”

Shin, CUDT Member 2009-2015, Squad Captain 2010-2011