The Committee

Stuart Knowles & Carrie Soderman: Captain & Vice-Captain

We are Stuart and Carrie, Captain and Vice-Captain of CUDT for 2020-2021. We both joined the team 2 years ago, Stuart as a beginner and Carrie on Second Team, and caught the competitive Dancesport bug! Through hard work and enthusiasm we’ve both progressed to now dance on First Team, and are proud to lead the whole of CUDT in the coming season. This year of dancing may well be unlike any CUDT has seen before, and will be full of new experiences and challenges for everyone. We are excited to help the CUDT family navigate the year however it unfolds, and to work with our coaches and wonderful committee to keep us all dancing, learning, and competing with the same drive, motivation and enjoyment as any other year. Please feel free to email us with any questions about Dancesport or the Cambridge team – whether you’ve got years of experience or are yet to set foot in your first ballroom, we’d love to hear from you.

Anjali Jayasekera & Zosia Staniaszek

Beginners’ Co-Captains

We are Zosia and Anjali, and we are Beginners’ co-captains for this year! We started as beginners three years ago, and have been part of CUDT ever since, competing together in 2018-19. Anjali is a 4th year vet and Zosia is a 2nd year PhD student. We are really excited to welcome you as beginners to our wonderful team. We have loved every second of our time on CUDT, and can’t wait to share this enthusiasm with you! If you have any questions, feel free to email us or visit the Beginners’ website at

Isobel Marchant & Rachel Hambly

Second Team Co-Captains

We are Rachel and Isobel and we are going to be your Second Team Captains for this coming year!! Between us we have been on team 7 years now, and have had a variety of experiences as both leaders and followers … No matter what the year throws our way we are excited to be able to keep the dancing love going and welcome you to our dance family!!

Benedek Vali


Hi, I’m Benedek, a third year mathmo at St. John’s and this year’s Treasurer. I joined CUDT 2 years ago, but I was on First Team as I’ve danced for 10 years before I came to Cambridge. As the Treasurer, I’ll be managing the team’s finances, including paying for comeptitions/practice spaces and collecting subs. Feel free to contact me if you have any financial questions!

Ruweena Perera

Lesson Secretary

Hi, I’m Ruweena Perera, a 3rd year vet med student from Gonville and Caius! I joined CUDT in my first year & am currently on second team.
My role as lesson secretary is to sort out private lessons with the coaches in order to help you get the most out of your time here on team 😀

Rachel Thulborn

Social Secretary

I’m a second-year MML student and this is my second year of dancing on CUDT. I started last year as a complete beginner and fell in love with dance – can’t imagine not rushing through essays for a weekend competition now. I’m this year’s social sec and (social distancing allowing) am looking forward to organising some parties for this year, as well as some more wholesome events that really bring together our team.

Charlotte Palmer

Costume Manager

I’m Charlotte and I’m a fourth year vet at Gonville and Caius College. I joined CUDT in 2017 as a beginner and have been dancing as a same-sex leader ever since (look for the girl in the tail suit). CUDT has become such a huge part of my university life and I’m really excited to be joining the committee this year. As Costume Manager, my job is to make sure everyone is
looking their best when we compete, including everything from hair and make up to dresses and tail suits.

Calli Dale

Welfare Officer

Hey, I’m Calli and I’m a final year Nursing student at ARU. This is my third year with CUDT, I cannot imagine my Cambridge experience without dance and being part of such a supportive team. In this year of uncertainty, do not hesitate to contact me whether it’s dance related or not, or just need someone to vent to in these challenging times. Always a message away.

Maddi Morelli-Batters

Competition Secretary

Hi, I’m Maddi! I am a fifth year medic at Downing College, and have been part of CUDT since joining as a beginner in my first year. I absolutely love being part of this team and enjoying all the fun that Dancesport has to offer! This year, I am the Competitions Secretary, so I will be organising competitions that are hosted in Cambridge as well as doing all of the admin relating to getting our fabulous team to other competitions across the country.