The Committee

Tom Nelson & Tom Brown

Captain & Vice-Captain

Tom (N) assumes overall responsibility for the team. With the help of the coaches and his Vice Captain, Tom (B), he makes tactical decisions, liaises with external parties, all the while motivating and supporting CUDT dancers to achieve their best on the dance floor.

Michael Ha & Caitlin Duschenes

Second Team Co-Captains

Michael & Caitlin work with the Second Team to ensure that CUDT retains the strength in depth for which it has become known.

Harry Kingdon & Abi Malins

Beginners’ Co-Captains

Harry & Abi look after those on CUBDT and work with Tom Nelson to retain their status as one of the top Beginners’ teams in the country.

Bence Börcsök


Bence is in charge of managing the team’s finances and keeps a keen eye on all the processes that affect them.

Sarah Bull


Sarah takes care of liaising with coaches and organising private lessons so CUDT’s dancers keep getting better and better.

Rachel Hartley Young

Publicity Officer

Rachel is in charge of maintaining CUDT’s public profile, including our social media channels and organising CUDT’s performances at events. She is also responsible for managing the team’s sponsors.

Katie Woolnough

Social Secretary

Katie keeps us happy with fun things to look forward to after a hard week of training.

Nina Friedrich

Costumes Coordinator

Nina ensures that we look as good as we dance when we hit the floor.

Bence Börcsök & Mary Karavaggelis

Welfare Officers

Bence and Mary are here to provide welfare support to make sure all CUDT dancers remain happy, safe and supported in the team environment. They have been trained by CUSU to be a source of impartial and confidential advice. They can also provide information about support and resources available in Cambridge.

Rebecca Green

Competition Secretary